• 10 years experience in graphic/digital design and online advertising;
• Experienced in team management and strategic planning for interactive medias;
• Updated in the main digital production softwares;
• Digital illustration skills (vector and pixel art).

OGILVYONE FRANKFURT • 03.2011 to present time
Senior art director

LOV • 11.2006 to 01.2011 • link
Senior art director / Creative supervisor
Creative planning. Concept and design for online campaigns, hotsites, interfaces, cross media projects and collaborative tools. Team management.

Art director
Integrated role between digital communication and direct marketing. Concept and design for online campaigns, hotsites and cross media projects.

• 01.2001 to 03.2004
Graphic designer
Development of visual identity, package design, catalogs, sign systems.

Graphic Design (Bacharel degree in visual programming)


• Sony Electronics
• Nestlé
• Mitsubishi Motors
• Tam Airlines
• Unilever
• Nissin
• Caixa Econômica Federal
• Zurich

• Net TV
• Kraft Foods
• Motorola
• Banco do Brasil
• iG
• Banco Real ABN Amro
• Nextel
• Terra Networks

Shortlist Cannes 2007, Merit One Show 2007, Bronze NY Festival 2007, Bronze Sinos Festival, Silver ABEMD, Gold Prêmio About.

• Nissin/Lov
Shortlist Cannes 2008.

Logotype published on the book Los Logos 4
(Gestalten, Germany, 2008).

LOSER • Personal project
Shortlist animation in AnimaMundi Festival 2008
category: mobile.


passatempo/nestlé foods

Passatempo's new website is a social game that intends to build the biggest collection of user-created pastimes.

Imagine a whole new world born from a tiny cracker meal, ready to be habitated with fun. A place where kids interact with friends and parents, and where fun begins much sooner than play time.

This is s a place where kids can play other kids' challenges, save it, print it, rate it and, of course, create their own board games.

Everybody can bacome a Pastime Creator. Why don't you?



bravia/sony electronics

When the worldwide famous TV ad "Play-doh", created by Fallon London for Sony Bravia, officially ran in Brazil, the main feature being worked here wasn't colour anymore.

The solution created by Lov for the digital medias - and later reproduced on other medias - brings the bunnies to the new concept of high definition using the versatility of play-doh to show Bravia turning colors into details, like no other.



lámen hot/nissin


Vírgula TV is a channel that brings funny, unusual and, mainly, hot videos to entertain the audience that loves being in front of their computers, searching for something spicy. And to kill hunger (for food) without missing a thing, a quick, easy meal is ideal for them.

The banner ad was triggered by playing any of the channel's videos (NSFW), and the girls performancea are responsible for the heat. Or, at least, part of it. ;)

  shortlist cannes festival 2008


xplod/sony electronics

To release the new Xplod's USB compatible automotive sound systems, Sony needed a campaign that could reach a massive target.

The ads show how USB, associated to Xplod high fidelity, can bring fully new experience in sound systems.



caixa econômica federal

When Caixa decided to be part of Campus Party, a worldwide major technology event, their participation should reflect their own concerns about digital inclusion.

We actually sent an Insider to camp in the real event, and created the Cyber-campus: a place where people could camp virtually, besides, decide what the Insider should show, through daily polls.

Users could create their own tents, chosing where it should be placed, share their social links, and even interact with the Insider on Twitter.

 gold medal colunistas 2009 promo




Hellmann's wanted a campaign to reinforce how delicious Ketchup can be. To respond to that, we created the "Crazy About Ketchup" campaign.

One of the main pieces were these screensavers that show how crazy a person can be about Hellmann's Ketchup. In the hotsite, people could adopt one of these crazy lickers to their desktops, which was a huge success.

 shortlist cannes festival 2007; merit one show 2007; bronze NY festival 2007; bronze sinos festival; silverABEMD; gold prêmio about



nestlé foods

Nestlé and two-time F1 World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi recreated a series of 50 limited edition jalopys in celebration of brazilian singer Roberto Carlos' career 50th anniversary.

To give people a little taste of the amazing prize they could win by buying Nestlé products, we created a game where people could challenge the track champion or other online friends.




A big LCD TV, split in 9 pieces hidden on YouTube. That was the way found by Lov to make Christmas an interactive game.

The clues were shown to users by the gift pieces ithemselves, and the winner was the one who found first the 9 parts and put them together in the hotsite.



international paper

International Paper is a global leader in the paper industry, committed to values such as education, and this proposal intended to make their product line even more valuable to the cause they'd like to help, besides making the customers part of a real chain of good.

The project consisted on creating a channel that allows celebrities to join the cause donating their signatures for auction. International Paper's role would be doubling the winning bids and donating the money to an education fund.

Your role would be making a bid on your idol's autograph.



mitsubishi motors

This campaign shows the rising of a desert legend: the New Pajero Full.

Through a series of challenges, the banners show each one of the car's main features. The campaign is also remarkable because of a partnership with Yahoo Brazil. At the end of the challenges, the user could choose between going to the hotsite or trying another game, on another page of the portal.



cup noodles/nissin

Institutional site created to release the new Cup Noodles' motto: "Are you hungry? Get a Cup Noodles".

Inspired by the folkloric brazilian song "A Velha a Fiar", here the user becomes part of the neverending song and enters a food chain where the only thing that matters is to keep your noodles. No matter what.




Piraquê is one of the most traditional snack industries in Brazil.

To wish happy holidays this year, they made it in a unique way. Through this banner, people were able to send their funny messages to friends. And it becomes funnier, depending on how many snacks you feed the characters with.



personal project

The winner takes it all, indeed. Here's another famous story seen by a totally different point of view.

  shortlist animanundi festival 2008:
category mobile



various clients

 logo projeto real beleza:
published in the book Los Logos 4
Gestalten, Germany, 2008



personal project

Tomare'q'seje is a brand created by me and Mariana Costa to turn our inside jokes into wearable ideas.

The themes are inspired by folklore, pop culture, television and black humor. These are some of our creations.



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